KHL’s coaching philosophy is focused on the four pillars of the game. Developing each player’s technical, tactical, physical and psychological attributes. This is achieved by engaging them in high level training sessions designed to put them in game-like situations that will not only enhance their ability to identify potential problems, but also find ways to solve them.

Our commitment to all of our players is that once they move on to the next phase of their soccer careers they have all the tools necessary to be successful both on and off the field.

Through the game of soccer we strive to teach all of our members the core fundamentals of the game, but most importantly emphasize the importance of teamwork, discipline, respect, and work ethic. We believe that these characteristics will empower all of our members’ lives, but most importantly set them on the course to be successful individuals.

Why is Kendall Hammocks Lions right for your family?

In order to answer that question you must understand our goal. The goal at KHL is to develop a safe and controlled environment in our community for our children while allowing them to learn and master their soccer skills. Our organization is run by a committed group of volunteer parents that share this same vision and goal. Also, we are one of the few organizations in our community that is fully run by volunteers.

The great thing about our soccer club is that we put great efforts into soccer skill development for our children. We have a dedicated staff of professional trainers helping every single coach and child within our program. Here at KHL Soccer, we are truly trying to develop every child to reach their full potential by training not only the players but all of our volunteer coaches. Many soccer clubs call themselves Academies, however that is just fancy name to overcharge parents. We have been lucky enough to attract trainers that are masters in every phase of the sport including finishing, dribbling, passing, goal keeping and physical training.

What we love best about our program is that we know that we do not run a perfect program; we still have room to grow and improve. We know what we know and also we know what we don’t know. This makes our organization dynamic, open and eager to learn and improve. We have surrounded ourselves with only the best trainers available. The reason KHL soccer is the best place for you and your family is because we truly care. Take some time to come visit us. I am confident that you will feel the difference and will enjoy the feeling of being a part of something bigger and better!

See you soon,

KHL Soccer President

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